Binh Minh Shawl in Purple

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Wrap yourself in something soft and silky with our Binh Minh Shawl or add a bold dash of color to your outfit and wear as a scarf.  Binh Minh Is Vietnamease for morning sun.  This shawl is crafted by a collective located in Northern Vietnam, just a few miles from the South China Sea, a spectacular vantage point from which to welcome the sun each and every morning. The collective is comprised of more than 20 families which operates 25 looms and can weave up to 5,000 shawls and scarves a month. Binh Minh uses only local Vietnam raised silk in all of its hand spun yarns and is crafted under fair trade conditions.  The shawl measures 62” x 31” and is made with 50% Cotton and 50% Silk.  Hand wash in cold water and air dry.


Material: 50% Cotton, 50% Silk


Size: 62 x 31 inches


Handmade in: Vietnam