Blessing Bracelet- Graphite Pearl

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Blessing Bracelet- Graphite Pearl

The story of these Blessing Bracelets began when our artist came to the realization that life is so much more challenging when you feel like you never have enough.  It was only until she started appreciating what she had, did her life and her attitude towards it become so much richer. 


These blessing bracelets are designed to be a constant reminder of your own life’s blessings. On each Blessing Bracelet are four Pearls, each one representing something in life you should be grateful for.  Every time you wear it, think about what you may be grateful for – good friends, family, your home, health….


Each Blessing Bracelet is made with four sterling silver tubes over an extra strong elastic cord, so it can slip on and off easily.  The curve on the tubes gives the Blessing Bracelet delightful movement, while allowing it to contour to the shape of your wrist. The bracelet is approximately 8” in circumferance. This Blessing bracelet features graphite pearls surrounded by two sterling silver beads.

Each Bracelet comes in a gift box with the following note:


Each pearl on this Blessing Bracelet represents something in your life to be grateful for – your children, your health, parents, your dog… good friends.   Every time you wear it, think about four people or things for which you are blessed to have in your life.  The more you wear it and think about those blessings, the more you will become blessed and your outlook on life will forever be changed for the better.