Girls' Night Out in Downtown Madison

Posted by Zoe Allendorf on 5th Nov 2016

Totally Awesome Goods is teaming up with 14 other shops in downtown Madison and Erica's E-list on Thursday, November 10th to create a fun-filled evening of trunk shows, sales and refreshments.  … read more

Have You Hugged Your Organs?

Posted by Jay Alpert on 4th Oct 2016

Cute, plushy, soft and ready for a hug are not terms generally associated with the organs in your body. But this rather odd pairing was why I was so intrigued with the I Heart Guts collection … read more

Own a Piece of Wizard of Oz History!

Posted by Zoe Allendorf on 23rd Sep 2016

Do you remember the first movie you saw in the theatre? Maybe not, but you certainly remember the experience of going to see a blockbuster on the silver screen; the popcorn, the soda, the getting to s … read more
Madison Beachcomber Night is August 18th

Madison Beachcomber Night is August 18th

Posted by Jay Alpert on 10th Aug 2016

It’s hard to believe that Totally Awesome Goods has been open in Madison, CT for five months now. Quite frankly it feels like we have been here much longer. In those five months we celebrated our Gran … read more

A Peace of Style Built to Last

Posted by Zoe Allendorf on 6th Aug 2016

Fashion these days seems to be disposable. Buy it, wear it, get sick of it, toss it, repeat. Big box stores sell tank tops for $5.00 a pop which inevitably means those making the tops are working for … read more