Rainbow Sandstone Ikebana Vase

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Ikebana flower vase

This vase is handcrafted in Oregon and designed in the tradition of the ancient art of flower arranging called Ikebana.  The stones are cut and shaped by hand from a solid slab of quarried Rainbow Sandstone using traditional hammer and chisel and diamond tools. Sandstone is often used as a sculptural and architectural medium and hues run in all the colors of the rainbow.  Create a serene ambiance with one fresh cut flower or a stunning arrangement with multiple flowers and greenery.  Flowers are held in place using the pin frogs in the hole that is cut in the slab. Fill water level to the top of the pins before adding your flowers.  You can add a small drop of bleach to keep flowers fresh longer.  The Ikebana vase measures approximately 7" x 7" at its widest point.