Recycled Netting Woven Tote - Teal

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The special design of this tote gives you tons of versatility in how you use it. Its extra-large zippered interior provides ample room to carry lots of gear to take to the beach or when you are traveling.   Attach the inside clip on one side to the inside ring on the other side and you change the look by giving the bag a narrower profile which will open and close using the magnetic snap. This universal bag is handcrafted in Cambodia from recycled mosquito and fish netting. This unique construction gives this bag great durability but is light in weight and water resistant so its perfect to take with you to the beach.   This beautiful tote is accented with a woven pattern on the front panel and features three inside pockets (one zippered and two open) and a key fob. Each bag is crafted under Fair Trade Conditions which ensures safe labor conditions and fair wages. The tote when fully open measures 21.5″ wide x 14″ tall x 8.5″ deep. With the inside clip attached the bag becomes 14” wide.