Reinhard Herzog Glass - Snowman, Small

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Artist Reinhard Herzog began his fascination with glass in 1963 at the age of 14 and graduated from the Wertheim Academy of Glass as a technical engineer nine years later. Changeable, contradictory and sometimes volatile, glass became a passion for Reinhard. Using the few fleeting moments, when glass is heated to its fluid state he twists, blows, bends and spins a form before it hardens back to its natural state. He calls glass “a child of light” and seeks ways to capture its beauty in all his designs. All pieces are crafted in Germany

This Glass snowman only looks delicate. It is made from soda lime glass, the same glass you would find in glass bakeware and bottles. The snowman stands 3 3/4";” tall with a 2” diameter base. Place the snowman on a mantel or hang from a tree. Snowman comes adorned with a black felt hat, a red scarf and holding twigs.