Fighting Breast Cancer with a Blessing

Posted by Jay Alpert on 2nd Oct 2018

It has been 29 years since my mother passed away from breast cancer. Back then, my mother described her fight with this disease as David vs Goliath. While over these past 3 decades, David has gotten a lot stronger and Goliath weaker, 1 in 8 women will still be diagnosed with breast cancer over their lifetime. While new treatments continue to help fight this dreaded disease, there is no better way to ensure survival then early detection. 

That is why, for the month of October, 20% of all sales of the Pink Jade Blessing Bracelet will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. This awesome charity has been around since 1991 and much of the funds they raise go towards special programs to help with early detection. By the time my mother was diagnosed, it was too late. But for millions of women out there, it is not. Hopefully our small part will help win the battle, so no son or daughter has to lose their mom to a curable disease. 

Pink Jade Blessing Bracelet

On this Blessing Bracelet are 4 Pearls, designed to remind the wearer about something in her life to be thankful for.