It's a Wonderful Votive

Posted by Zoe Allendorf on 21st Nov 2016

Actual Classic Hollywood Film Cells Adorn our Glass Votive Holders

Holiday movies always hold a special place in our hearts. Perhaps we remember watching them with our siblings growing up or with our entire family over cookies and milk the night before Santa slid down the chimney. Whatever the reason, holiday movies evoke a certain nostalgic feeling, bringing out the kid in all of us. While some movies come out for the holidays and disappear into the archives of “free-on demand”, never to be seen again, others stand the test of time, remaining relevant and even poignant many years later. One such film is, It’s a Wonderful Life.

First appearing in theaters in 1946, It’s a Wonderful Life starring Donna Reed and James Stewart was initially a box-office flop. It didn’t become the Christmas movie classic we all know and love until the 1970s when a copyright lapse allowed it to be aired for free. Due to repeated television showings at Christmas-time, It’s a Wonderful life became a holiday tradition for many. Stewart has said it was by far his favorite movie to be a part of. Just in case you’re in the .01% who hasn’t seen it, It’s a Wonderful Life is a heart-warming tale of redemption, the true meaning of love, family and the value of prayer.  Decades later this film continues to be as popular as it was in the 70s, 

helping people get into the Yuletide spirit, reminding us that no problem is too big to be fixed and faith is the greatest healer.  As the Christmas season approaches, collectors, film aficionados and those who consider the "most wonderful time of the year" will rejoice as we introduce the newest collection of Actual film votives.

These votives feature a real 33 mm film cell from It's a Wonderful Life. Yes, this is a real piece of film that ran through a projector and played on the big screen. The frosted square candle holder is made from heavy glass and comes with a tealight which can easily be swapped for a “no-light” tealight and used as a nightlight in your kid’s room. No two images are just the same as each cell only appears for 1/24th a second during its projection.

Visualize this film travelling at 24 frames per second and you can imagine that each image, although similar will vary to create the movement that you see on screen. Who can we thank for this amazing piece of up-cycled home décor? Three New York City projectionists of course. Disappointed that 35 mm film was being tossed into the trash in this digital age, they sought to re-purpose and give this beloved movie, a second life. When struck with the idea that these cells could be illuminated, once embedded into a votive, they went to work, creating these totally awesome and nostalgic votives. 

One customer had me wrap one up for her husband as a holiday gift. I asked, “Is this his favorite movie?” She laughed, “We both like the movie but I chose the votive where George and Mary are about to kiss, because I wanted my husband to know that he has given me A Wonderful life.” Touch your loved ones this holiday season or surprize that film buff brother-in-law that is impossible to shop for. These votives come wrapped up in an old-school popcorn box, perfect for gifting. Give the perfect gift this season and thank us later.