Dammit Doll - Cannabis

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We are selling this cannabis doll for medicinal purposes only, as it is designed to relieve stress and aggravation when used properly.  

The dammit dolls are designed to stand up to all sorts of abuse.  Hit it against the wall, counter top or any hard surface to let out your anger.  It will take the abuse and you will feel so much better.  The doll is approximately 13” tall.  Stitched on the front is the dammit doll poem:


Dammit Cannabis is Here.

To Remind You

That No Stress is Unbeatable

If the Medicinal Effects 

Just Don't Cut it,

Grab This Doll and Slam It

Let That Stuffing Fly

And Yell "Dammit"

Side effects include mild happiness and Stress Relief




(No reviews yet) Write a Review