Handcrafted Wood Sailboat

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This special wood sailboat is hand crafted by Steven Smith in his studio in upstate New York. While most artisans learn their craft at art school or through an apprenticeship, Steven’s education came from a very different location – Maine State prison.

Born in Milford, Connecticut to a mother who often served time prison for shop lifting, Steven would become a ward of the state when she did as his father was not prepared to raise him on his own. Steven also became addicted to shoplifting and would receive praise from his mother whenever he would steal without getting caught. As a result, Steven spent most of his youth in and out of correctional facilities until he ended up serving time in Maine State prison. It was there he found he had a talent and a passion for wood working and is now using those gifts to turn his life around. Steven’s work is currently available in several boutiques throughout New York and Massachusetts and is now found here for the first time in his home state of Connecticut at Totally Awesome Goods.

For this sailboat, Steven uses Poplar wood and select pine to make the sails, hull, boom and mast and African Padua for the rudder, cabin and bowsprit.  All pieces are meticulously sanded smooth and four coats of sealer and lines made from leather working string and attached with brass nails, ensure heirloom quality craftsmanship.  This special sailboat is mounted on a solid oak wood base and has overall dimensions of 10 ½” length x 12” tall x 3 ½” wide.