Actual Film Votive, Marilyn Monroe, Niagra

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Own a Piece of Hollywood History.

This votive candle holder is made using actual film from the 1953 movie “Niagara.”  The idea for embedding a cell from an old movie was the brain child of three projectionists in NYC who didn’t have the heart to see actual film from classic movies thrown away.  Each design is a single cell from the 35 mm film used to show the movie.  Each cell will be slightly different than what is shown depending upon where it was taken in the movie.  This votive features the film cell of Marilyn Monroe.  Great for young and old a like.  Place a small battery operated tealight in the holder and it makes a special nightlight in a child’s room.  Votive holder measures 2” x 2” x 2” and comes with one tealight.