Soapstone Calming Angels

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Known as a Calming Angel, these colorful figurines are hand carved from Soapstone by artisans in Kenya and is said to reduce stress when held in the palm of your hand. The special properties of Soapstone create positive energy and exert a calming influence. Whenever you are stressed, especially when you are undergoing a life change, pick it up and hold it in your hand.  It will help keep you calm and prepare you for anything. Take it with you on a job interview, a date, or a medical procedure and when you start feeling a little tense, place it in the palm of your hand.

Each Calming Angel is carved out of one piece of soapstone using a machete then wet-sanded smooth.  A dye is applied to bring out its bright color and then hand etched a unique pattern.  Since all calming angels are hand carved, sizes and shape will vary slightly, making each angel unique. Comes with a story card and a velveteen pouch.  Approximately 2.5"- 2 3/4" tall.