Stone Dispenser

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Our stone beverage dispensers are perfect for dispensing any liquid from a long neck bottle.  Great for parties and entertaining, the dispenser may be chilled in the freezer prior to using to keep contents colder for longer.  This dispenser has been cleverly designed to form a seal so liquids may remain in the bottle without air getting in. Known as the “Maine Rock Guy," Mark Guido is the artist behind our stone dispensers.  He has been crafting works of art using wood and stone found throughout his home state of  Maine since 1994. 

Instructions for Use:

  1. Clean by opening the valve and running hot, soapy water through the dispenser. Rinse thoroughly.
  2. Uncork Bottle and set bottle on counter top or flat surface.
  3. Place rubber rings on the neck of the bottle.
  4. Place Rock Dispenser on Top of Bottle, inserting the bottle neck into the rock’s opening.
  5. Turn over bottle and dispenser together as one.  (Make sure the valve is shut before turning over. The handle should be parallel to the dispenser)
  6. Remove the stopper from the back of the dispenser so it may vent.
  7. Rotate stone handle towards you to open and close faucet
  8. If liquid is still left in the bottle, be sure to place the stopper back into the venting hole so no air gets in.