BeastTown - Taste Of The Tropics

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What a croc! His love of food has led him to be the head chef at one of BeastsTown’s 5-star restaurants, making him very particular about what or who he puts into his mouth. This designer plush crocodile is nothing but fashionable, with the finest stitching, rich colors, extra-white teeth and avocado-tone tweed scales.

Known as ToT to his friends, Taste Of The Tropic loves the cold water of the washing machine and stands at 17.3” tall.

Taste Of The Tropic comes with his own gift bag and a story card which reads:

Since he started as Chef Vivant in Trüffel Rüffel‘s 5-star restaurant, the wait time for an empty table has become even longer. They say that you won‘t get a more tender or well-cut steak anywhere. It‘s no wonder, after all ToT (as he is known to his friends) cuts up all the fresh meat himself, and tenderizes it with a few minutes of chewing.


About BeastsTown by Sigikid

This cuddly designer line was crafted for ages 12 to 112, by a German Company whose singular goal is to make the softest most plushy animals in the world. A multitude of materials are used to ensure each Beast has its own unique expression and detailing, with a “plushy” look you want to cuddle up with. Beasts are crafted in small batches and hand finished in Romania.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review