Dare 2 B U Bracelet

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Dare 2 B U bracelets are designed to remind the wearer to always embrace our own natural beauty and not to conform to how others think we should beThe bracelet features two types of beads – one is a crystal pearl, and the other is natural gem.  The crystal pearl is man-made, perfect in size and shape and is strikingly beautiful. Each pearl is virtually indistinguishable from the next.  The other bead is a natural gem, a product of the earth that contains a unique energy and a special beauty that can only be created by nature.  Each gem is different from the others, making each bead a one of a kind – just like each of us.  Dare 2 BU Bracelets are 7 ½” in circumference and features sterling silver metal tubes.  Hand strung on sturdy stretch wire so its easy to get on and off.  

Each gemstone we use carries a special meaning: 

  • Amazonite is known as the “Hope Stone”.  It is a good luck charm for all of your hopes and dreams and symbolizes kindness and practicality while providing hope for the future. 

  • Rose Quartz is known as the love stone. It gives the wearer a strong sense of self-worth, enabling them to be more open to love. 

  • Amethyst symbolizes piety, humility, and spiritual wisdom. 

  • Sodalite is often called the “Stone of Athletics”.  It represents strength and endurance, while also promoting inner peace and tranquility. 

  • Tigereye symbolizes harmony and balance in your life, both mentally and physically. Tigereye helps you release fear and anxieties, while guiding you through tough decisions. 

  • Green Agate Known as the “Agate of Warriors.” Its energy enhances concentration and persistence. This gemstone symbolizes an appreciation for nature and a determination for success. 

  • Labradorite, a stone considered by mystics to contain powers of transformation and magic. Labradorite is known to clear, balance, and protect your aura. It is a symbol of magical awakening and spiritual protection.