Shupaca Alpaca Scarf - Calypso

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This beautiful hand-woven Alpaca scarf is crafted in South America.  It is hand loomed using the same techniques that have been practiced for hundreds of years, but is designed to be relevant with today’s fashion.  The blue and gray shades of Calypso makes this scarf perfect to wear with blue jeans when you want some casual elegance to whatever you are wearing. Created under Fair Trade conditions, this scarf helps support the economic advancement of the artisans who create them.  This scarf is made from 80% Alpaca and 20% Acrylic and is approximately 12” x 72”. To clean, gently hand wash in warm water with a mild soap.  Roll in a dry towel and press to remove excess water then lay on a flat surface to dry.

Why Alpaca?

Alpaca is one of the world’s most valuable natural fibers. It’s hypo-allergenic as it does not contain lanolin, the chemical found in many natural fibers, including wool, that is responsible for people’s allergies. It’s highly durable, lightweight and doesn’t itch, but has a naturally insulating core, keeping you nice and toasty.