Yogibo Mate - Unique the Unicorn

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Let your child cuddle, squeeze and fall in love with this very unique stuffed animal. Our Yogibo Mate Unicorn is crafted with a special Fibead filling that creates a highly-tactile feel that compresses when pressure is applied and quickly rebounds as soon as the pressure is released. It is that type of unique and comforting sensory feel that has made Yogibo products used by therapists when they work with children with autism or sensory processing disorder. Our Yogibo Mate Unicorn is incredibly durable with the outside comprised of a cotton and spandex mix which will stand up to thousands of hugs and cuddles and always bounce back to its original shape. Yogibo Mates are machine washable.

The Yogibo Mate Unicorn measures 16” x 14” x 6” and comes with a special hang tag with the following saying:

Hiya! I’m Unique! At night you can see me soaring thru the starry sky. I like to eat hay, stardust and intergalactic space fruit. I used to greet everyone with a loving head bump, but given the horn I think you can understand why I stopped. These days I’m happy to just entertain you and have fun!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review